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Christmas Ornaments – Owls


Prowl: Juicy Bits

It seems the biggest trend in the crafting world this year is foxes, but I still have a few friends who love the outgoing owl. I made two sets of these ornaments: one for my sister and one for a friend. They were stitched by hand and didn’t take too long. Since my family has a tradition of gifting ornaments well before Christmas (in advance of tree decorating), I’m not spoiling any surprises!

owl ornaments

backs of ornaments

single owl


5 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments – Owls

  1. Owls are still better than foxes 🙂
    Love your little ornaments!

  2. just had a thought…. if you ever want to hide the stitching on the back, could you use some adhesive and glue a back on it? I can’t remember how round or 3-D they are. I think they are just adorable! But I might be prejudiced:)

    • these photos are just of the fronts of the ornaments. i used a blanket stitch to sew front to back, and i used a polyester filling between layers. i thought people might like to see the behind-the-scenes version.

  3. Those are adorable! Owls are the best, although foxes are also cool.

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