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New Project: Palette Defined

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I have taken a break from both my barn quilt and my sampler quilt the past week or so. Instead, I am focusing on two new projects that are time-sensitive. For one, even the palette would be too much of a give-away, but for the other, I’ll be working mostly with Lotta Jansdotter’s Bella line, plus a few additional fabrics that came from my stash. (This is more exciting than it sounds; I have never had fabrics stashed before!) Here’s the lot of them:


I actually offered to give this fat quarter bundle to a blogger with a longer history and wider following since I didn’t have a plan for it and worried I would have it (unused) longer than the colors would be trendy. Perhaps my offer of sending it for free sounded suspicious because I never heard back. Guess it worked out for me! The bright colors are an exciting change from the sampler quilt’s autumn fabrics. I look forward to the variety.

One thought on “New Project: Palette Defined

  1. A big yes on that dark teal loose weave.

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