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Cut Glass Baby Quilt – Vintage Quilt Revival

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I don’t buy many quilting books because I’d rather make my own projects most of the time. Vintage Quilt Revival was an exception. Almost as soon as I bought the book, I learned that Katie Blakesley was a member of the DCMQG at the time and that she’d be hosting a trunk show. When I saw her Cut Glass quilt, I fell in love.

It might be too strong to say I was hoarding the pattern, but I definitely had it in my pattern library and was waiting for an opportunity to use it! When two of my best law school friends announced they were having a baby, I knew I’d found the perfect match.

Cut Glass Baby Quilt by East Dakota Quilter

I made it baby-quilt-size instead of a regular-sized quilt because other new parents have told me they like having a mobile blanket. It can cover a stroller or car seat, protect a baby when lying in a germy public space, and becomes a “blankie” when the baby outgrows these uses.

Steelers Quilt Back by East Dakota Quilter

Not only does the back side of the quilt match the gray and yellow nursery décor, but it is also reminiscent of the Steelers’ colors – baby’s dad is a huge fan!


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