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La Passacaglia – 3rd & 4th Rosettes


My progress on my La Passacaglia continues slowly. In the meantime, I finished some Christmas projects (in March!) and generally enjoyed a break from most sewing.

Since my last Passacaglia post, I’ve added two new rosettes, one large and one small. My original plan was to work on all the large rosettes first to have the best idea of what my finished quilt would look like. I have revised the heck out of that plan! The smaller rosettes are infinitely faster to finish, so I’m trying to pepper those in so I feel like I’ve at least made some progress! Here’s what I have so far:


My 3rd rosette was especially fun because it doubles as a quilt label. My new husband’s last name is Bayer, which he pronounces as “bear.” (I use two syllables.) I incorporated both Bayer and bears into the rosette. And a few hearts. ❤


Here’s a closer view from a progress shot:


And this last rosette is the one I made after starting rosette #3 but before finishing it because it took FOREVER. (I mean every single one of those capital letters!)


As you can see, my blue-and-orange color scheme also incorporates some reds and yellows.

Early on, I made a coloring template for my Passacaglia in MS Word. I didn’t share it because I was concerned about copyright laws and didn’t want to steal the work of a designer. That said, the Passacaglia is everywhere, and others have made their coloring sheets publicly available. Theirs are also better than mine because all the shapes actually line up, haha. If you’re interested in a free La Passacaglia coloring sheet, I used the one I found here.

Check out my WIPs page for links to all my La Passacaglia posts.


4 thoughts on “La Passacaglia – 3rd & 4th Rosettes

  1. Hello, how do you make the progress by computer (color rossetes insert) in the progress sheet or diagram?????
    Thanks and beautiful job.

    • Hello! Sorry for the slow reply – I had a baby this summer. I photograph each rosette, remove the background in photoshop, and then superimpose the rosette onto the pattern background. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Hi, Love your post about the passacaglia quilt. Is there a way to get the coloring sheet, the link does not work anymore.
    Hope you can help me. I already have several cogs ready, need to get it in a certain place in the quilt and see what colors I am missing.

    • Thank you! Perhaps by now your quilt is even complete. (Mine’s not even close!) Unfortunately, the coloring page is not mine to share, and I don’t want to infringe the designer’s intellectual property rights, so I do not feel comfortable sharing the coloring sheet. I’m not sure I saved a copy, for that matter.

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